A Dartmouth Photographer

Dec 21 2014

You don't hear much about photography at the College today, but it seems that people like Gary Winogrand spent time holding workshops here in the 1960's. One of the students that he influenced was Jonathan Sa'adah '72:

Jon Saadah Comp.jpg

As a young photographer Sa'adah documented everything from the seminal moments of the 1960's (the 1969 occupation of Parkhurst Hall):

Parkhurst 1969.jpg

to off-beat life in the Upper Valley:

Jon Saadah Union Village.jpg

Slate Magazine notes that Sa'adah

recently published a collection of images taken around that time through 1975 into a book called How Many Roads? The book, divided into three sections, provides plenty of subtle moments that transport the age-appropriate viewer back in time: Anti-war protests, a broken down VW bus, snapshots of seemingly all American families, and portraits of people who could just as easily be mistaken for your neighborhood barista.

The book is only available through Phoenicia Publishing.

Addendum: What a wonderful photograph:


Addendum: The Hood has purchased several silver-gelatin prints of Sa'adah's photographs of the Pilobolus dance company ca. 1971-72.


An Arch Look at Memorial Field

Dec 20 2014

How often did you sit in the Memorial Field stands to cheer as the backs go tearing by? Those seats are no more: the old fa├žade will remain, but the home side area is being entirely re-done.

Memorial Field.jpg

The College's press release from earlier in the year has more details:

The project will feature wider aisles and concourses, handrails, modern rest rooms, a premium chairback section on the 50-yard line, and accessible seating on three levels connected by an elevator. The new press box will also be accessible by elevator, and will include upgraded technology for video streaming, television and radio broadcasts, and video scoreboard operation.

The West Stands were originally completed in 1923, and the structure has been deemed by engineers to be nearing the end of its useful life. The Trustees originally approved the replacement project in 2008, but it was suspended along with several other campus projects due to the economic downturn. The College had already invested several million dollars in precast concrete, which will now give the project a head start and limit the additional construction cost to $10.5 million...

The project will be the latest in a series of impressive improvements to Memorial Field. A new track and FieldTurf® playing surface were installed in 2006, followed by Floren Varsity House, the new East Stands, and end zone seating in 2007. Field lighting was then installed in 2011 and a new video scoreboard was erected in 2013.

Here's a rendering of how the final result will look when the 2015 football season begins:

Memorial Field Elevation.jpg


Valley News Gives Credit

Dec 19 2014

After initially crediting "a rumor" as leading the paper's reporter to ask about the absorption of the Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science by the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice, the Valley News has now edited its story as follows:

Lawrence's statement, sent in response to a request for comment following a Dartblog post that the center was going to be absorbed by the institute, described the planned changes as intended "to facilitate President (Phil) Hanlon's vision" for how Dartmouth could contribute to health-care reform, both domestically and internationally. [Emphasis added]

In addition, the VN printed a clarification at the bottom of the piece:

Valley News Clarification.jpg