A Sneak Peak at Lohse's Book

Jul 30 2014

Andrew Lohse 12's book won't be out until August 26, but if you head over to the Amazon page devoted to Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: A Memoir, you can read the first few chapters using the site's Look Inside function. Here are pages 1 and 2:

Lohse Book Comp.jpg

It will be interesting to see how big, uh, a splash Lohse's book makes.

Addendum: Isaiah Berg has referred to "doming" in these pages -- the practice of vomiting on the head of another person. This definition seems unique to Dartmouth. The Urban Dictionary defines the term in several different and equivalently vulgar ways, but it does not reference the term as it is used at the College.

Addendum: A correspondent wiser in such matters than your humble servant writes in to correct my definition of doming:

Doming isn't when you boot on someone's head. It's when two people drink beer over a trash can until one of them throws up. Whoever doesn't throw up wins the dome.


Don't Miss It

Jul 29 2014

Sexfest 2014.jpg


Et Ça Commence

Jul 29 2014

Hillary Texting.jpgWhen I was a student, Jimmy Carter stole a march on fellow Democrats by beginning his New Hampshire primary campaign an unprecedented year before the February 24, 1976 vote. I assisted when he was interviewed on WDCR in September, 1975, and I called home to proudly tell everyone that Carter would be the next President. Of course, at that point nobody had ever heard of him. They would.

Now here we are in July 2014 -- about a year and half before New Hampshire's next first-in-the-nation primary -- and look at what pulled up last night at the end of Frat Row (or in front of the Rockefeller Center, as you prefer). The doors opened and you could hear Tom Petty's American Girl being played on the sound system (♬Take it easy, babyMake it last all night♬). There was swag to be had, and pizza; the names of volunteers were eagerly recorded.

Of course, the use of "Movement" on the bus' side could not help but bring a smile to this observer's face. How Mme. Secretary, the former First Lady and the ultimate inside-the-Beltway candidate, can appropriate a symbol of the 1960's counterculture for her own use defies logic. But, then, the Clintons never did know the meaning of shame.

Hillary Bus.jpg

For those of you new to the Upper Valley, primary season is great fun. An old joke goes as follows: A New Hampshire farmer was asked his opinion of a candidate, and he responded, "I haven't made up my mind on him yet. He ain't been in my kitchen but twice." Have no fear: they'll all be in Hanover over and over, starting very soon from the looks of things.