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Defend Israel; Defend Yourselves

Jeff Jarvis is fearing for Israel.

It is a strong piece; a good piece. But I think it would be even more powerful to say that, yes, the reason Israel must be protected and defended by the free world is Europe, but not because anti-Semitic Europeans made necessary Israel. (Though the argument is strong that they did.) But because Israel, in the arena of interstate affairs, is the first and only nation-of-defense between this radical, imperial, religion and Europe herself. Europe is on the list. This warrior ethos already has, in part, begun its battle in understanding, compassionate, benign, Europe: Feel the heat of the burning embassies and the whoosh of rapidly displaced air as car after car is ignited. Europeans ought to take these sensations, and extrapolate the endgame they predict. The Islamists are no more pleased with France than Israel. France is ardently secular. Death to France. Islamists are no more pleased with Germany than Israel. Germany honors the memory of the Jews killed in the Holocaust. But the Holocaust did not happen. Death to Germany.

The way its constituent nations operate in our international bodies make relativist Western Europe is a temporary (and unwitting, I am willing to believe) ally of fundamentalist Islam. But they are temporary allies only. They won’t be honored with proportion or restraint, and they should expect not a whit of tolerance, if Hezbollah and the rest have their way with Israel and are thereafter only emboldened to mightier challenges. The reason to fight for Israel? Europe. And America. And everything those old dead white guys—about whom we are no longer supposed to care because that would be jingoistic and xenophobic and West-centric—spent their lives fighting for: An end to the religion wars. We’re fighting for them, and we’re reliving their revolutionary lives. Because new people want to start religion wars. And, yes, it’s going to take a war to make them stop.


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