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Dartblog was founded by Joe Malchow in September 2004 as Joe's Dartblog. The weblog, a running journal of unrehearsed commentary and reportage, focuses on higher education, music, politics, literature, and whatever fancy strikes its writers at the moment they sit down to type. Jennifer Bandy, Jacob Baron, and Zak Moore joined Dartblog in the spring of 2008; Joseph Asch and Phil Aubart joined in 2009; and Brian Solomon '11 and Kathleen Mayer '11 joined in 2012. All are Dartmouth students past and present.

The reader will forgive us that what appears in this column is on the whole hastily dispatched; it is in the nature of the Internet. We promise, though, to provide accurate data, confident reportage, a quick turnaround—and we may occasionally succeed in being entertaining. It is not, we think, a poor deal for the reader.

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About the Writers

Joseph Asch

Dartmouth Class of 1979 / joeasch@gmail.com

A member of the Class of 1979 and a 1983 graduate of the Yale Law School, Joe worked for Bain & Co. prior to founding several companies that he still owns and manages. After residing for close to twenty years in Paris, in 2004 he moved with his wife and two children to their summer home in Hanover. At the start of 2011, the Asch family returned to Paris.

Since the early 1990s, Joe has audited classes each year at the College, either in the summer or during the academic year. In 1998, he initiated and funded the Departmental Editing Program (DEP), which employed retired high school English teachers for nine years in Dartmouth’s departments of Art History, Religion and Mathematics, where they worked intensively with students on their writing skills.

Joe speaks French and Italian fluently, is fond of good wine and his wife’s excellent cooking, and has a passion for history. Each spring he experiences a curious fascination for the music of Mick Jagger.

Photograph by Zachary A. Ingbretsen.

Jennifer Bandy

Dartmouth Class of 2009 / jenn@dartblog.com

Jennifer Bandy is a member of the class of 2009, studying government and French. She is particularly interested in American foreign policy and relations with Western Europe.

President of the Dartmouth College Republicans, Miss Bandy enjoys classical and country music and is a practicing Catholic. Before joining Dartblog, she reported for The Dartmouth, the College's student newspaper. Miss Bandy is a competitive sporting clays shooter, ranking nationally since she participated in the 2003 Junior Olympics. She is unhealthfully preoccupied with Bing Crosby.

Photograph by Joseph Mehling.

Jacob Baron

Dartmouth Class of 2010 / jake@dartblog.com

Jacob D. Baron comes from New York City—the Upper West Side of Manhattan, for those to whom that means anything. He attended Stuyvesant High School and is a member of Dartmouth's class of 2010. His academic interests lie in and around mathematics, the quantitative social sciences, European history, and French. He is studying mathematics.

Previously Mr. Baron worked as an opinion columnist for The Dartmouth. His writing there examined College policy and politics with a critical eye—a tradition of which he is proud.

Personally, Mr. Baron enjoys strategy board games, haute French cuisine, and pre-Lloyd Weber musical theatre.

Photograph by Joseph Mehling.

Michael Beechert

Michael Beechert

Dartmouth Class of 2016 / mbeechert@gmail.com

A member of the Class of 2016, Michael Beechert grew up in the town of Yorktown, New York, where he did not play lacrosse. At the College, Michael majored in Government and minored in German Studies, which led him to spend terms abroad at Keble College, Oxford as well as in Berlin, where he interned in the German Bundestag. When he was in Hanover, Michael was an opinion columnist for The Dartmouth, a trombonist in the Wind Ensemble and the Barbary Coast, and he served for a year as his Class Treasurer.

From 2016 to 2017, Michael was a Fulbright Scholar in Munich, where he performed research on perceptions of European integration and German identity at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. A future member of the Yale Law School Class of 2021, he supports the never-ending fight against administrative bloat and infringements on free speech and free thought in higher education. Unfortunately, he also supports the Jets and Knicks.

Photograph by Ningjie Cao.

Isaiah Berg

Dartmouth Class of 2011 / isaiah.j.berg@gmail.com

Isaiah Berg is a member of the class of 2011, a Geography major with a minor in Economics. After growing up on a third-generation family farm in rural North Dakota, he came to Dartmouth and discovered the richness of the College community in Hanover and beyond.

While at Dartmouth, Mr. Berg served as President of Sigma Phi Epsilon and the Cycling Team. He traveled extensively to South America as a Tucker Fellow and to Europe while attending the Geography Foreign Study Program in Prague. Following graduation, Mr. Berg traveled by bicycle from Alaska to Argentina with his two brothers, a project called Bound South. Mr. Berg now serves as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Mr. Berg enjoys a profound romance with dark ales, Campagnolo bicycle components, and any great book worth reading.

Photograph by Tk.

Brian Chen

Dartmouth Class of 2017 / dartblog@thebchen.com

Brian Chen is a member of the Class of 2017 who hails from New Hyde Park, New York. At Dartmouth, he was an Economics major while being pre-med for a regrettably long period of time. During his time in Hanover, he served in senior editorial and business roles at The Dartmouth Review. He was also President of the College Libertarians, Vice President of the College Republicans, and Chair of the Political Economy Project’s student leadership council.

Over the course of his Dartmouth experience, Brian developed an interest in law and economics, federalism, land use regulation, and local government. He hopes to attend law school in the near future. In his free time, he enjoys shooting sporting clays with his Italian shotgun and watching an unreasonable amount of television. He was one of the College's four valedictorians in 2017. Unfortunately, he also really likes the music of Taylor Swift.

Kathleen Mayer

Dartmouth Class of 2011 / kmem316@gmail.com

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Kathleen Mayer is a 2011 alumna of the College and was an English major with a minor in French. While at Dartmouth, she wrote as a senior columnist for the Mirror in addition to serving as the social chair of Sigma Delta Sorority. She also participated in the Inter-Community Council, the Mock Trial Society, and DOC freshman trips. In her spare time, she was a regular contributor to The Dunyun, a satirical blog offering biting insight into Dartmouth culture.

Now attempting to make her way in the world at large, she works as a legal research assistant for the American Medical Association in Chicago and will attend law school in the fall. On a personal note, she especially enjoys reading books about famous lawyers or baseball, she regularly produces creative writing, and she can make the best twice-baked potatoes this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Zak Moore

Dartmouth Class of 2009 / zak@dartblog.com

Zak Moore was born in New York City and has lived all his life in the wonderful town of Weston, Connecticut. Mr. Moore is a member of the Dartmouth Class of 2009. For the past three years he has pursued studies in government and psychological brain sciences and hopes to attend law school upon graduation. On campus Mr. Moore mentors, participates in Mock Trial, and writes for the Dartmouth Law Journal.

Mr. Moore supports free markets and civil liberties as the most moral and efficacious means of achieving prosperity, and will often write from a classical liberal perspective. His academic interests include the U.S. Constitution, political psychology, psychology of law, Middle Eastern affairs, and civil liberties. Mr. Moore supports the New York Mets.

Photograph by Joseph Mehling.

Brian Solomon

Dartmouth Class of 2011 / dart.solomon@gmail.com

Brian Solomon, class of 2011, was a History major with a minor in Government. During his time in Hanover, Brian was a staff columnist and opinion editor for The Dartmouth, and he served as the head writing tutor for RWIT. He also traveled to London for the History foreign study program in the Fall of 2009.

Brian is currently a wealth reporter for Forbes Magazine, tracking down billionaires around the globe. On the side he dabbles in blogging about the NFL, specifically the Philadelphia Eagles.

Photograph courtesy Mr. Solomon.

Joe Malchow

DARTMOUTH CLASS OF 2008 / joe@dartblog.com

Joe Malchow founded Dartblog just a few months after arriving at Dartmouth; over a period of four years the website became an agenda-setting publication at the College and among watchers of higher education at large. He studied government and English literature, and has written on culture and politics for The Wall Street Journal, The Far Eastern Economic Review, The Manhattan Institute, National Review Online, as well as The Wall Street Journal Europe and Asia.

Mr. Malchow is specially fond of American standards and swing and Western classical music, especially the collaborations of Da Ponte and Mozart. He possesses a pleasant light baritone, and his knowledge of the Great American Songbook is a terrific annoyance to all.

ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jake Tapper '91 profiled Joe in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine in 2008. [PDF] In 2012 he was named to the Forbes "30 Under 30" list.

Photograph courtesy Landry Ndremihaja.


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