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Dartblog was founded by Joe Malchow in September 2004 as Joe's Dartblog. The weblog, a running journal of unrehearsed commentary and reportage, focuses on higher education, music, politics, literature, and whatever fancy strikes its writers at the moment they sit down to type. Jennifer Bandy, Jacob Baron, and Zak Moore joined Dartblog in the spring of 2008. All are Dartmouth students past and present.

The reader will forgive us that what appears in this column is on the whole hastily dispatched; it is in the nature of the Internet. We promise to provide accurate data, confident reportage, a quick turnaround——and we may occasionally succeed in being entertaining. It is not, we think, a poor deal for the reader.

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About the Writers

Jennifer Bandy

Dartmouth Class of 2009 / jenn@dartblog.com

Jennifer Bandy is a member of the class of 2009, studying government and French. She is particularly interested in American foreign policy and relations with Western Europe.

President of the Dartmouth College Republicans, Miss Bandy enjoys classical and country music and is a practicing Catholic. Before joining Dartblog, she reported for The Dartmouth. Miss Bandy is a competitive sporting clays shooter, ranking nationally since she participated in the 2003 Junior Olympics. She is unhealthfully preoccupied with Bing Crosby.

Jacob Baron

Dartmouth Class of 2010 / jake@dartblog.com

Jacob D. Baron comes from New York City—the Upper West Side of Manhattan, for those to whom that means anything. He attended Stuyvesant High School and is a member of Dartmouth's class of 2010. His academic interests lie in and around mathematics, the quantitative social sciences, European history, and French. He is studying mathematics.

Previously Mr. Baron worked as an opinion columnist for The Dartmouth, the College's daily student newspaper. His writing there examined College policy and politics with a critical eye—a tradition of which he is proud.

Personally, Mr. Baron enjoys strategy board games, haute French cuisine, and pre-Lloyd Weber musical theatre.

Zak Moore

Dartmouth Class of 2009 / zak@dartblog.com

Zak Moore was born in New York City and has lived all his life in the wonderful town of Weston, Connecticut. Mr. Moore is a member of the Dartmouth Class of 2009. For the past three years he has pursued studies in government and psychological brain sciences and hopes to attend law school upon graduation. On campus Mr. Moore mentors, participates in Mock Trial, and writes for the Dartmouth Law Journal.

Mr. Moore supports free markets and civil liberties as the most moral and efficacious means of achieving prosperity, and will often write from a classical liberal perspective. His academic interests include the U.S. Constitution, political psychology, psychology of law, Middle Eastern affairs, and civil liberties. Mr. Moore supports the New York Mets.

Joe Malchow

DARTMOUTH CLASS OF 2008 / joe@dartblog.com

Joe Malchow founded Dartblog just a few months after arriving at Dartmouth; over a period of four years the website became an agenda-setting publication at the College and among watchers of higher education at large. He studied government and English, and has written for The Wall Street Journal, The Far Eastern Economic Review, The Manhattan Institute, National Review Online, and the Journals Europe and Asia.

Mr. Malchow is specially fond of American standards and swing, Western classical and baroque, and the opera. He takes a particular interest in political elocution and other noble uses of English.

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